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CEPIFINE is an international association made up of national associations, which are members of CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries) and represents 14 European pulp and paper associations (12 European Union Member States, Norway and Switzerland). The objective of the association is to collect publicly available economic, statistical and other data related to the European woodfree paper industry and to carry out studies based on these data, to study problems common to that industry in technical fields such as telecommunications, transportation, etc. and to defend the industry's interest with regard to EU policy, including environmental decisions.

In 2001 production of all paper grades covered by CEPIFINE amounted to 17,5 million tonnes and represented 21,4 % of the total CEPI Paper & Board output or 43,3 % of the western European graphic paper production. If you have any questions regarding this website please contact the Webmaster.

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